What's in my on-the-go makeup bag

I am extremely proud of my well-organized on-the-go makeup bag. If you are interested in seeing what I carry around with me for touch-ups th...

I am extremely proud of my well-organized on-the-go makeup bag. If you are interested in seeing what I carry around with me for touch-ups throughout the day, keep on reading. :)

The bag

Nothing fancy, but what is important: it's easily washable. It's bigger than what I used to carry around thus I can actually fit stuff into it but it's small enough to put it into my 'day' bags.

The contents

Hairbrush: compact, small and flat. I actually broke the one in the pictures days after it was taken, so now I have an even smaller, even more compact and even flatter one. I always carry it with me, even if we go on night outs and I have a small bag.
Always have a hairbrush on you ladies. ALWAYS.

Mirror: a double mirror, for touch-ups. It's also slightly magnifying.

Translucent powder and a brush in a case (both Catrice): I used to carry a little compact powder with a sponge but ever since I upgraded to a brush, especially to a brush with a case, the whole re-powdering process is much better and looks more natural. Essence does great brushes with zip-able cases if you are after one.

Blotting paper: not pictured, but Jesus Christ, you need to get some if you are oily or don't like to use powders. Mines are from RdL Young.

Hand sanitizer: get a mini hand sanitizer for a fortune then once it's empty buy a big, family size one for the same price and refill it as needed. It will literally last you years.

Tweezers: to be honest, tweezers are not the most-used items in this makeup bag, but they don't take up much space and what if you have a stray eyebrow hair that needs to be plucked ASAP? Another uses: getting stuck things out of the printer, removing splinters and flaky skin, picking up small objects, etc.

Deodorant roll-on: I used to carry a mini deo spray but in all honesty, they didn't really work that well. Probably because I could never get the same as I am using at home? Anyway, I decided to try a roll-on version of my pink Rexona biorhythm and it works so much better (but a tiny bit harder to apply in the winter).

Mini perfume: I carry my usual scent with me in a mini refillable perfume sample container. I tried carrying around a smaller perfume bottle but those things are heavy! And what if they break? Also, you can carry this mini one with you everywhere as it's so tiny.

Lipbalm and numerous lipsticks and lipliners: as of now, I have 3 lipsticks, one liquid lipstick and 3 lip liners in my bag. I should probably take them out at some point...

Bobby pins and a hair tie: if you have hair, take bobby pins with you. And put them on a folded post it so they don't get lost in your bag.

BONUS: the things you sure you put in your bag but can't seem to find, i.e.: housekeys, pass, and everything small. They, somehow, manage to find their way into your makeup bag...


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