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I've never done a  beauty favourites  of the year  post before but as I started using so many great products in 2016 I thought I list ...

I've never done a beauty favourites of the year post before but as I started using so many great products in 2016 I thought I list them in one post for future reference. I'm going to show you some of my older favourites and a few new discoveries that I made in the last quarter of the year, both in skincare and makeup, starting with makeup.

In 2016 I realised that I don't necessarily have to wear super mattifying foundations (this is thanks to a very bad Bourjois foundation, Air Matt or whatever it's called) and my favourites reflect that. Although the L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte foundation says matte on the tube, it isn't that matte. It has a very skin-like matte finish and doesn't make your face look like an elephant's arse hole after a few hours of wear. I really really like this one (I'm on my second tube now), my only gripe with it is the shade range they have - it's way too pink for my skin tone, so I have to mix it with 1) the essence foundation I told you about, or 2) the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation. The 123 is a quite recent discovery (got it in October). It's the perfect in-between product for those who like their Healthy Mix line (ME!) but sometimes want something a bit more... matte. So good. 
Last but not least, I've really taken a liking to the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation. It mixes really well with other products and just melts into the skin seamlessly. Again, I'd prefer something a bit more yellow, but whatever.

I found two new and amazing powders last year, the first being the Ben Nye Neutral Set powder, which I'll never want to be without anymore. It takes away any shine, mattifies and sets everything - and it's really very cheap compared to any other powders you can get. Which brings me to my next favourite (same price tag as the Ben Nye but considerable less product): Bourjois Healthy Mix powder. I wanted a powder that has some colour to it too, mainly to make things a tad more yellow and add a little coverage - and this one just does that, without any powderiness. Well worth the money.
Not a face powder, but a powder concealer - I rediscovered the Yamuna concealer (in Vanilla) for under my eyes and it's been working surprisingly well! 

Oh my, the Essence Pure Nude highlighter is just so perfect (discontinued in January). It's a very subtle highlighter for adding a glow to your skin - a sentence which I hate but so true in the case of this product. No glitter, no shimmer, nearly undetectable on the skin (my type). Same goes for the Alverde cream highlighter. Love them both.

I loved using my Lush It Started With A Kiss lip tint as a cream blush, it looks very natural on the skin and lasts all day. My go-to cheek colour was (still is) the Bourjois Little Round Pot blush in Rose Ambré. Last year I also found my perfect blue-tones pink blush: Sleek Pixie Pink is just what I've been looking for.

If we are talking about cream eyeshadows, my favourites were the Pupa Vamp Velvet Matt eyeshadow in 400 Chocolate and Maybelline's "Creamy Beige" Colour Tattoo. For normal, pressed shadows I've been in love with the Alverde quad in Chocolate: 3 matte and a satin shadow with an almost buttery texture, super longevity and a sturdy packaging. Do check them out if you can (they have them in loads of different combinations!). My mascara favourite was the Astor Long Life mascara - nothing extra, a nice, long-lasting everyday mascara. For my waterline, I loved using the Essence long-lasting eyeliner in 25 Say Hi Light
For brows I found my best combination: the Essence Lights of the Orient brow pencil (it was a limited edition, lucky I bought two!) finished off with some of the P2 eyebrow gel. It has some funky little fibres in it that are supposed to make your eyebrows look a bit fuller and keeps them in place all day. Plus, it's grey toned, which is very hard to come by!

Sweet baby Jesus, lipsticks. I love lipsticks - I loved my MAC Craving the most last year, for sentimental reasons. 

Everything else
I found my favourite nail polish of all times and it's from RDel Young (shade: Make My Day). It's the kind of red that's very muted and looks good with everything. Also, the Astor Already Dry nail polish is just a godsend for those who like to paint their nails before going to bed.
The For Your Beauty blender (from Rossmann) has become a huge favourite for applying everything: foundations, concealers, powders... seriously, applying some of the Ben Nye (or any loose) powder with a slightly damp sponge is the best thing you can do if you want to set your makeup without looking cakey.

Those were my favourites and most used makeup products from 2016. And seriously, I must not buy any more lipsticks in 2017... The post about my favourites in skincare will be up soon.

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