Laura Barnett - The Versions of Us

I was really stuggling with writing my thoughts down about The Versions of Us. Probably because everything about this book was unexpected...

I was really stuggling with writing my thoughts down about The Versions of Us. Probably because everything about this book was unexpected. As usual, I am trying to keep this review short and sweet, because 1)  I don't want to spoil anything and 2) once can only paraphrase the sentence "I cried a lot" so many times.
     A man is walking down a country lane. A woman, cycling towards him, swerves to avoid a dog. On that moment, their future hinges. There are three possible outcomes, three small decisions that could determine the rest of their life. Eva and Jim are nineteen and students at Cambridge when their paths first cross in 1958. And then there is David, Eva's then-lover, an ambitious actor who loves Eva deeply. The Versions of Us follows the three different courses their lives could take following this first meeting. Lives filled with love, betrayal, ambition but through it all is a deep connection that endures whatever fate might throw at them.
     The Versions of Us explores the idea that there are moments when our lives might have turned out differently, the tiny factors or decisions that could determine our fate, and the precarious nature of the foundations upon which we build our lives. It is also a story about the nature of love and how it grows, changes and evolves as we go through the vagaries of life.

Nobody warned me that this book would be so... powerful? I've read a few reviews that said it was good so I was expecting an avaregly good chic-lit. And for me, this book wasn't avarage or chic-lit. It was the best book I've read in a long time.

I couldn't put it down, for starters. I've been reading it on the tram, in my lunchbreak and until late at night. Probably crying 50% of the time, which is actually funny, because this book is not sad. There are sad things in it, yes, but - it is going to be cheesy, I warned you - what made me cry so much is how well it conveyed the feeling of being in love and loving someone.

SO MUCH CHEESE but this love-thing made me realize a few things about my relationship - all while I was bawling my eyes out at 2 o'clock in the morning of a Saturday. What also got me was the writing: Laura Barnett's story is about ordinary people but there is not a boring moment in it. I found the idea of the three storyline quite interesting and it might have been a bit confusing at the beginning, it was really easy and enjoyable to read.

For me, The Versions of Us is one of those books that I'm sure I'll read many times in the future. I'm currently on the lookout for the hardback copy because this is one novel I must have on my bookshelf (not to mention that the cover is right up my street).

Have you read The Versions of Us?

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