Plans for September and October

Same in English I didn't forget to write up my plans for September, I just simply had none. I started a new job so I was (and sti...

Same in English

I didn't forget to write up my plans for September, I just simply had none. I started a new job so I was (and still am) concentrating most of my energies on that. Instead, here is a list of things I enjoyed this month and the things I'm looking forward to do in October (and in the last five days of September).
And, by the way: where is 2016 going? It seems to be rushing somewhere... I was quite happy about it when I was doing my final exams and thesis but it can stop now, thank you very much!

What I enjoyed in September:

  1. The Great British Bake Off - *in Paul Hollywood's voice* it's lovely. I don't think that there has ever been a show that was more gripping, exciting and had this much cake. Here is a handy guide to this season
  2. Victoria - I've been religiously watching Victoria every Monday evening and it is just sheer perfection. A quote from the live commentary with my friend to illustrate how good it actually is: i cant handle this week's RUFUS
  3. the new Essence foundation - more on it later this month, but their new long-lasting camouflage foundation is da bomb.
  4. The Version of Us - I am still trying to write a post that kind of conveys how much I enjoyed this book and says more than just "I cried. A lot.".
  5. settling in - we moved at the beginning of August and I think we settled in quite nicely by the middle of September. I love the new place and I am proud to say that I am now quite good at cleaning it.
And what I have planned for October:
  1. sorting my autumn/winter clothes out - this is going to be a task for this Sunday (which is still September but this one is going to be a gradual process...) because autumn has arrived super quickly and now I don't have socks that I can wear. I also need to dig up my jumpers and my....
  2. sleeping socks! - I love sleeping in socks. I can't wait to sleep in my blue soft and fluffy socks. Also: slippers. Need to locate those too.
  3. shopping for a new coat, boots and tops - I really need a new winter coat and I mean it. I also need a new pair of boots (I, sadly, needed to chuck the old ones out) and I have to keep my eyes peeled for nice tops that are not black-brown-grey-dark. Seriously, what is up with the A/W collections? I've been to a few shops, just casually looking, and everything is along those moody and dark colours. Or if it is not, it's rust. RUST. That colour looks horrible on me. Brr.  
  4. buying a Mac lipstick - There was a time when I wanted to get one but then the urge went away and I was happy with my lipstick collection (I'm still am). Last weekend when we were talking about makeup with one of my colleagues and she said that their lipsticks are really worth getting, they are the bomb, etc, etc. Then she proceeded to apply hers and it lasted throughout a dinner and several glasses of wine... so once I get paid off to Mac I go!
  5. finally wearing my leather jacket - it's been neglected because it was hot and sweaty, now it's cold and rainy and the thought of wearing it and pretending to be a cool girl just makes me a bit happier about the arrival of autumn and the grim weather.

What about you? :)

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